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Volunteer Opportunities

The Power of Volunteers and In-Kind Giving

Pain Free Patriots relies on the power of volunteers to help find, fund, and fix veterans in Minnesota. Without them, we could not provide grants for veterans with chronic pain.

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Events and Fundraising

4 Ways You Can Support Veterans Right Now

Pain Free Patriots relies on the support of donations to fund our grants for veterans living with chronic pain. Discover more about our giving programs.

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Veteran Success Story

At Wit’s End: An Army Vet Finds Freedom from Back Pain

So far, I’ve turned around 180 degrees with the problem with my mid-to-upper back. I’ve felt really great about what the staff and all the people who worked with the staff [have done to help] me get better with my back problem.

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Chronic Pain

5 Challenges Facing Veterans in Pain

Unfortunately, living with chronic pain often creates other challenges for veterans. Here is a look at the most common challenges that affect veterans living with chronic pain.

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Chronic Pain

3 Needs Pain Free Patriots Grants Meet

Federal data proves what Pain Free Patriots has known for a long time: veterans experience more severe, chronic pain than their civilian peers. Nearly two-thirds