“A Better Guy to Be Around”: Dennis’s Pain Free Patriots Story

My name is Dennis, and I served in the Army. I was drafted in 1969, right out of high school. I ended up in the infantry and went to Vietnam. I ended up a sergeant in an armored unit in Vietnam and spent most of my time there doing that.

What kind of chronic pain were you experiencing?

I have chronic back pain from disc damage on my lower back. I’m not sure when [in my service] that happened, but I’ve had it since my 20s.

I first tried medical doctors, who gave me muscle relaxers, which I couldn’t take because then I couldn’t work at all. They would make me so drowsy the next day that they just didn’t work.

I was not going to have any surgeries or anything like that, as I didn’t want to go that route. Anybody [I knew] who had gone that route had not had good results.

Recently, I had some elbow strain that was really bothering me. I also had a stiff and sore neck that was bothering me quite a bit. That’s when I came to the [Ultimate Wellness Center] clinic.

How did Pain Free Patriots help?

Care at the clinic is more intensive, it’s more often, and I was encouraged to participate in the program wholeheartedly. As a result, I’m more-or-less pain-free right now. It’s made my life a little easier. It makes the lives of people around me much easier, too. Now, I’m able to move and my forearm and elbow without pain. My back stiffness is very manageable.

When I’m not hurting, I’m a better guy to be around. A better boss, a better husband, a better dad.

At first, I questioned whether treatment would do much of anything, but the result has been good. I didn’t trust the technology at first. I thought it wasn’t going to do much of anything for me. But, I was encouraged to keep on trying and that it would eventually help.

I can’t say what exactly helped or how, but I’m better, so my fear of going back was not justified. It really did work.

Would you recommend Pain Free Patriots to other veterans in pain?

Treatment is here to help vets, and it does work. There’s a lot of caring people here. You’ll be treated well, not as a number. The program works, and I’ve told people about it a lot already. I’ve been able to bring people here to get help, which made me feel great, to be able to do that.

Support care for Dennis and hundreds of veterans living with chronic pain. Become a sustaining donor today. Contact Pain Free Patriots at 952-746-3174.

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