“It’s Changed My Life for the Better”: Joe’s Pain Free Patriots Story

Hi, my name is Joe. I’m an 11-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Started coming to Pain Free Patriots recently, and since I’ve started coming here, my pain level’s gone down by more than half. If you looked at a pain scale from 1 to 10, I was always starting with a level 8. Now, a bad day doesn’t even reach an 8. The program that Pain Free Patriots has put me on has helped considerably over the last couple of months.

The reason I came to this program is that the doctors wanted to do a complete fusion of my cervical spine. I had already had a disc replacement surgery done, and the last thing I wanted was to lose whatever range of motion I had left. 

I came to the Pain Free Patriots program with an open mind. After a few months, my pain level’s gone down considerably. Before coming to Pain Free Patriots, I was at a high level of pain every day. I had trouble focusing. I wasn’t able to do certain activities. I would go home and be in pain and unable to hang out with my family. I was lying down instead, like a couch potato against my will.

I feel a little freer now. I can go on walks with my family. We can go out to the lake. I go fishing, which I enjoy. It’s helped out considerably. 

To speak to other veterans or service members, if you’re going through physical therapy and you have a pain management doctor and it doesn’t seem to be working, you really need to try out the Pain Free Patriots program. I wholeheartedly endorse this program. It’s changed my life for the better. For the donors out there, thank you very much for the support you’ve been giving to other veterans and myself. You’re really making a difference and I can’t thank you enough, just like I can’t thank the staff for the Pain Free Patriots program. 

Support patriot grants for Joe and hundreds of veterans living with chronic pain. Become a sustaining donor today. Contact Pain Free Patriots at 952-746-3174.

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