“Lo and Behold, It Worked”: Nate L.’s Pain Free Patriots Story

My name is Nathan Landis. I was in the Army from 2011 to 2013. I was based out of Fort Lewis in Washington before being deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. While I was in Afghanistan, I was on patrol with my unit, and the vehicle I was in struck an IED. From that explosion, I suffered a TBI along with a multitude of other injuries throughout my body. 

I had back problems, neck problems, my hips hurt. It was a strain to do anything that would get me out of bed during the day. I was receiving medications that didn’t work for my migraines. I voluntarily stopped seeing the VA and getting care from them because I didn’t want to take pills for the rest of my life and cover up my injuries.

I felt like I was at my worst. It was keeping me from doing things I wanted to do every day. I wasn’t able to exercise. I was having a hard time getting out and grocery shopping. It was affecting my work, my marriage, and my personal life. It was affecting my being a father. It made me feel useless.

When I discovered Pain Free Patriots, I was skeptical at first. Lo and behold, it worked.

I started feeling better within a few weeks of being seen. The migraines were still occurring, but they were less frequent and less severe. I noticed my pain wasn’t as bad. I learned what it felt like to be normal again. That was one of the biggest things for me—remembering what it felt like to be normal. 

Everything, from my headaches to the pain in my ankles to my neck, has improved. It’s continuing to improve. It’s not 100 percent and I don’t feel like I did before my injuries, but I can say that I feel the best I’ve ever felt since I was hurting. My improvements have been through the type of care Pain Free Patriots offers as opposed to self-medicating. It means a lot to me because it sets up a positive environment for my son. It allows me to live and provide for my family as I continue to get better. 

As service members, we suck it up, take some ibuprofen, drink some water. It’s hard for us to accept help. It’s hard for us to believe that someone has a program that can make you feel better. I was right there alongside every veteran who thinks like that, but I would tell anybody I know who’s been through what been I’ve been through or anything similar to give Pain Free Patriots a shot. Find out for yourself how effective it is. You don’t have to take my word for more than face value, but if it convinces you to come in for a consultation and see for yourself what it can do, that would be a huge step toward making your life better.

Support patriot grants for Nate and hundreds of veterans living with chronic pain. Become a sustaining donor today. Contact Pain Free Patriots at 952-746-3174.

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