Meet Ultimate Wellness Center, a Pain Free Patriots Partner: Mary’s Story

I am with the 134th Brigade Support Battalion, Alpha company, of the Minnesota National Guard. It’s located in Brooklyn Park. I’m a petroleum supply specialist. We’re a logistic company, so we work with anything supply-related.

At first, the recommended treatment [for my pain] was to take a cortisone shot. I wasn’t sure about that because I had never done it before. I wanted to go the natural route of physical therapy. I did that for about three months, but it didn’t help. I finally came to the Ultimate Wellness Center.

What was your first visit to the wellness center like?

My first visit, I was nervous because I had never been there before. I had come because of what people said about it. Not knowing anyone who had gone through treatment there, it was kind of nerve-wracking for me.

Once I got in, it was really, really friendly and an open-armed, welcoming place. It was awesome. It was very, very awesome. I was able to get back to my regular life. I could start working out and dancing a little bit. I could go bowling and have a social life. It was really awesome.

Once I actually got into the system of having all the sessions and going twice a week, it was a learning process because my body wasn’t used to all those adjustments.

Would you recommend the Ultimate Wellness Center?

I wish I knew about UWC a little earlier. It’s something you have to go through to actually believe.

Try it out! That’s all I can say. It doesn’t hurt to try. You never know unless you try.

Support care for Mary and hundreds of veterans living with back pain. Become a sustaining donor today. Contact Pain Free Patriots at 952-746-3174.

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