Repairing a Wrecked Body: A Story from a Navy Vet

Hello everyone. My name is Brad Huff. I spent eight-and-a-half years in the military. Naval air. It was right at the tail end of Vietnam. I had a draft number, but I said, “No, you’re not going to draft me. I’m going to join.”

So at age 17, I dug, and bugged, and screamed, and kicked, and hollered until Dad brought me in and put me in the Delayed Entry Program. Proudest day of my life. Very proudest day of my life was when I signed those papers. I am United States Navy.

I went into the air part of the Navy. My love was helicopters, but really anything fast. Let’s put it that way. Ended up rating out as AB, which was catapult and resting gear. I’m a mechanic and electrician, so it was natural for me to go onto something that was very, very dangerous, like an aircraft carrier.

I spent time on the John. F. Kennedy and acquired a low-back injury in the military. I was filled with so many narcotics, so many drugs, and so much pain that I feel I saw the dark side of the world. I had nowhere to turn. My brother-in-law said “Brad, you have to go with these guys, Pain Free Patriots.” 

I went there two times a week driving four hours roundtrip. But it was working. I dropped two more narcotics after four visits. 

You may think this story is crap. It’s the God’s honest truth from my gut. These people took this wrecked body that nobody could fix and they started repairing me. 

The pain has gone away, my body parts were moving. I got rid of my pains. This story is true as it can be told. The people up there that I’ve encountered, they’ve helped me spiritually, they’ve helped my insides, not just my body. Kind, considerate, informative, there’s not enough that I can say.

Support medical care for Brad and hundreds of veterans living with chronic pain. Become a sustaining donor today. Contact Pain Free Patriots at 952-746-3174.

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