The Power of Volunteers and In-Kind Giving

Pain Free Patriots relies on the power of volunteers to help find, fund, and fix veterans in Minnesota. Without their support and efforts, we could not provide patriot grants for veterans living with chronic pain. Here’s a look at the difference volunteers and in-kind giving makes for Pain Free Patriots. Thank you!

Volunteers Help Make Our Events Successful

We rely on dedicated volunteers to staff our annual public fundraising events. They help us set up, speak with potential donors and veterans who may require our services, collect and coordinate donations, and follow up with attendees. We’re always looking for volunteers to staff our events. If you’re interested, please contact Operations Manager Chris Barber at 952-746-3174 or

Tradesmen for Troops Puts Skills to Action

The Tradesmen for Troops volunteer program was specifically developed as a way for general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to leverage their skills and resources for veterans. Work with dozens of other contributing partners and build relationships with local suppliers to build a home. A portion of the sale proceeds will benefit Pain Free Patriots so we can continue to serve veterans in chronic pain. Our most recent home was a three bedroom, two bath project in Hutchinson. Contact Operations Manager Chris Barber at 952-746-3174 or to get involved in our next project.

Hosting Your Own Fundraiser Makes a Big Impact

Want to raise money for Pain Free Patriots on your own time? We invite you to host your own fundraising event online or at your home or business. Invite a member of the Pain Free Patriots team to speak at your next corporate event and offer to match employee contributions to Pain Free Patriots. Invite your customers to contribute, too. Every dollar you raise will fund patriot grants for veterans. Contact Chris to schedule your fundraiser.

Volunteers and in-kind donations help Pain Free Patriots serve hundreds of veterans a year. Thank you to everyone who’s volunteered, sponsored, or donated to our organization so far this year. It’s not too late to get involved. Contact Operations Manager Chris Barber at 952-746-3174 or to learn how you can become a volunteer for Pain Free Patriots.

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