When I Came to Pain Free Patriots, I Walked Like an Old Man: Ricardo’s Pain Free Patriots Story

My name is Ricardo. I served in the US Navy from 1989 to 1994. 

What Brought You to Pain Free Patriots?

Back in 1990, I was on an aircraft carrier. While working on the aircraft carrier, I was on a ladder, but I ended up falling off. When I fell, I fell two decks down onto the metal decking. The bag I was carrying fell on top of me. I landed on the right side of my hip.

How Did the Pain Affect Your Life before Pain Free Patriots?

Prior to moving to Minnesota, I had extreme pain in my hip joints and my knee joint area. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but I kept telling my doctors I was feeling some pain, and asked if they could do anything for me. 

I was given Motrin to try to kill the pain. It got worse in the Minnesota cold. A doctor at the hospital here ran some ultrasounds and other testing. The tests uncovered some hairline fractures in my hip joint. He told me I needed to put in another claim at the VA to get some help through the VA for therapy. They were always behind on their therapy appointments. It could be up to six months before you got seen.

How Has Pain Free Patriots Helped You?

The Pain Free Patriots program is awesome. It did a very good job for me. When I came in here, I walked like an old man. Now, I’m walking a lot better. I feel a lot more confident about myself. As a matter of fact, I’m getting ready to go into a parachute jump team. They know about my injury, but they said, “We can’t even see it. It doesn’t even look as if you had an injury.”

Would You Recommend Pain Free Patriots to Others in Pain?

I have spoken with several vets when I go into the VA. I still see a doctor there because my insurance is through the VA. When I talk to him, he was shocked. He said, “Wow! You were walking so badly with a limp to the side. It’s a lot better now. This has improved.” Since the treatment wasn’t done by the VA, he wanted me to leave a Pain Free Patriots brochure behind so he could introduce the program to other vets who may need it. There are vets that I’ve met in the past that really need to go into this program.

Support patriot grants for Ricardo and hundreds of veterans living with chronic pain. Become a sustaining donor today. Contact Pain Free Patriots at 952-746-3174.

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