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"Before coming to Pain Free Patriots, everyday I was at a high level of pain...I wholeheartedly endorse this program - it’s changed my life for the better.”​

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Participate in the Pain Free Patriots #Fix6 Corporate Challenge! A donation of $36,000 from your company or organization allows Pain Free Patriots to provide services to six veterans experiencing chronic pain. Your company or organization can donate the full amount or work together with like-minded vendors, suppliers, and clients to raise the $36,000. Your tax-deductible corporate donation covers the average cost of six patriot grants. When you complete the challenge of raising $36,000. Pain Free Patriots will honor you and your business with recognition on our Social Media platforms and our website.

Walk alongside Pain Free Patriots as champions of the #Fix6 Corporate Challenge and challenge six companies or organizations, your vendors, suppliers, customers and even your competitors to join you and #Fix6, too. Tag their businesses to share the #Fix6 Corporate Challenge on social media to help Pain Free Patriots provide services to six veterans experiencing chronic pain.



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Change the lives of six veterans experiencing chronic pain. Your tax - deductible $36,000 donation covers the average cost of six full patriot grants.

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Find them. Fund Them.


Your support matters to the millions of veterans living with chronic pain. Make a difference in the lives of veterans today.


The Road to Recovery

Want to do more to support Pain Free Patriots in our goal of providing services to 240+ veterans in 12 months? Please share the individual donation opportunity #Be4Vets with your employees, members, and their families so they can participate, too.

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