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"I have my attitude back, I can laugh again...I have unlimited possibilities again. I might even be able to go back to work. I am living proof that what you guys are works.”

BRAD HUFF Pain Free Patriot



It’s our turn to serve. Make a difference in the lives of Minnesota patriots today. Your generous donation gives the gift of freedom from chronic pain to veterans suffering from service-related injuries.

Your gift of a grant can improve the lives of veterans in so many ways such as personally shared by veterans who’ve benefited from our programs.

“These people took this wrecked body that nobody could fix and they started repairing me.” —Brad H. 

“To live without . . . pain is amazing. It makes your whole life better.” —Bob S. 

“They gave me a lot of my life back. . . . I can’t speak highly enough of what these men and women have done for me. I want to say thank you.” —Patrick L. 

“In the past 7 years, I’ve always had pain. Right now, I’m almost 100 percent pain-free. . . . And you could be, too.” —Paul D. 

“Pain Free Patriots has allowed me to continue to do things that I like to do.” —Richard S. 

“Because I’m pain free, I’ve been able to enjoy life a lot more. I get better sleep at night. . . . I can’t reiterate enough how much being pain free has brought joy to my life.” –Sam B. 

Give up to $6,000 to fully fund a patriot grant to support programs for veterans in need, or partially fund a grant with a sustaining or one-time donation that fits your giving plan. Your tax-deductible donation can change the lives of Minnesota veterans today.


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Your support matters to the millions of veterans living with chronic pain. Make a difference in the lives of veterans today.

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