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Many veterans live with pain.

Imagine waking up every morning and starting your day in physical pain. The pain remains while you’re trying to work and take care of your family. The constant nagging of physical pain causes frustration, irritation, stress, and anger. In fact, multiple studies have revealed that chronic pain is one of the leading causes of suicide among veterans and active duty service members.

By reducing or eliminating the root source of the daily pain, we allow these heroic men and women to put their focus back on things that matter.​


Grants cover the cost of treatment.

Pain Free Patriots’ vision is to assist Veterans and current Service Members in chronic pain seeking relief. We serve those who are often out of options after treatment at other medical facilities. Pain Free Patriots has coordinated treatment of more than 600 veterans using the latest technologies, advanced protocols, and licensed providers. Over 90% of grant recipients who complete the treatment program report significant relief from pain. All treatments coordinated through Pain Free Patriots are done without the use of any opioids or narcotics.

To find out if you qualify for special pricing, insurance, or a grant, contact Operations Manager Chris Barber at chris@painfreepatriots.org or call our hotline: 952-746-3174

Pain Free Patriots has expanded to offer support to our Community Heroes.


Active Military


Police & Sheriff

Fire Fighters

Call to Learn More about the Community Heroes Program

If you work full or part-time or are retired from any of the above occupations, you are eligible for discounted services at the Ultimate Wellness Center under the Community Heroes Program.


of Pain Free Patriots.

Doug Huseby founded Becker Furniture World in 1978 and has always been interested in results. When his business became successful, he had a strong desire to give back to the community. His objective was to create a charitable organization that delivered tangible and significant results to those in need in the local community of Becker, MN. In 1993, Doug and his wife, Julie, established BFW Charities as a 501(c)3 non-profit. It started with community requests from individuals who were in need of basic home furnishings.

Over the years, the reach of the non-profit has grown beyond the Becker community to the entire state of Minnesota. In this spirit, we have identified a need beyond our local giving and expanded the non-profit work to fill needs on a state-wide or national scope as we get funding.

Doug started working with Veterans in 2010 after a visit to a military surplus store with his grandson. One of the store’s employees was a 30-year-old military veteran who was in severe physical pain from his service. Doug offered him a grant to cover the cost of treatment for chronic pain, and this was the unofficial beginning of the Pain Free Patriots program.

What started as a pilot to see if we could make a difference in the life of the one Veteran described above has turned into the Pain Free Patriots program, to fill a much larger need. As of 2015, BFW Charities has refocused its mission under the name Pain Free Patriots to help military service members and Veterans that need relief from chronic pain in Minnesota and nationally as funding is secured. 

"I would say that in the past seven years, I've always had pain. And right now...I'm almost 100% pain free."

PAUL DEWHIRST Pain Free Patriot

Pain Free Patriots