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Help our heroes live pain free lives.


The Road to Recovery



Walk alongside Pain Free Patriots and put vets on the road to recovery! Participate in the Pain Free Patriots #Be4Vets Road to Recovery campaign and help Pain Free Patriots provide services to more than 240 vets a year! How you ask? It’s EASY.

Recruit 4 friends, family, or fellow workers to join you in becoming monthly sustainers for just $14, $20, $24, $44, or $74 a month. Then together, recruit 4 others in this important mission to find, fund & fix our vets! As a thank you, you and your sustainer team will get your names on virtual bricks in the Road to Recovery.



Imagine how many veterans we could help if every business or individual sponsored one or more grants! 

We have a protocol that can relieve extreme pain after the veteran has tried all of their care options through government programs. We can now alleviate extreme pain and work with vets on opioids and prescriptions for pain.

With great results and testimonials from veterans showing how we changed their lives, we are now getting more veterans coming to Pain Free Patriots and the Ultimate Wellness Center for grants. However, we cannot fund all of the vets applying, so we have a waiting list of vets who are waiting for funding.

Imagine the powerful impact your donation could have in allowing us to provide more grants to these American patriots in need. 

More than 90% of grant recipients who complete the treatment program report significant relief from pain. 

$6,000 covers the average cost of a full grant. Suggested donation amounts for a monthly, sustaining donation start at $500, $250, $100 and $75. One-time donations start at $6,000 for a full grant, $1,000 for a partial grant and $250 towards a grant. Any donation is appreciated and will help our American Heroes live pain-free lives. Donors can receive a custom plaque and a personal veteran testimonial. 

Your tax-deductible donation can change the lives of Minnesota veterans today. Begin donating today!

THE 1-4-1​


Gift a Grant

Make a difference



It’s our turn to serve. Make a difference in the lives of Minnesota patriots today. Your generous donation gives the gift of freedom from chronic pain to veterans suffering from service-related injuries.

Your gift of a grant can improve the lives of veterans in so many ways such as personally shared by veterans who’ve benefited from our programs.

“These people took this wrecked body that nobody could fix and they started repairing me.” —Brad H. 

“To live without . . . pain is amazing. It makes your whole life better.” —Bob S. 

“They gave me a lot of my life back. . . . I can’t speak highly enough of what these men and women have done for me. I want to say thank you.” —Patrick L. 

“In the past 7 years, I’ve always had pain. Right now, I’m almost 100 percent pain-free. . . . And you could be, too.” —Paul D. 

“Pain Free Patriots has allowed me to continue to do things that I like to do.” —Richard S. 

“Because I’m pain free, I’ve been able to enjoy life a lot more. I get better sleep at night. . . . I can’t reiterate enough how much being pain free has brought joy to my life.” –Sam B. 

Give up to $6,000 to fully fund a patriot grant to support programs for veterans in need, or partially fund a grant with a sustaining or one-time donation that fits your giving plan. Your tax-deductible donation can change the lives of Minnesota veterans today.



Participate in the Pain Free Patriots #Fix6 Corporate Challenge! A donation of $36,000 from your company or organization allows Pain Free Patriots to provide services to six veterans experiencing chronic pain. Your company or organization can donate the full amount or work together with like-minded vendors, suppliers, and clients to raise the $36,000. Your tax-deductible corporate donation covers the average cost of six patriot grants. When you complete the challenge of raising $36,000. Pain Free Patriots will honor you and your business with recognition on our Social Media platforms and our website.

Walk alongside Pain Free Patriots as champions of the #Fix6 Corporate Challenge and challenge six companies or organizations, your vendors, suppliers, customers and even your competitors to join you and #Fix6, too. Tag their businesses to share the #Fix6 Corporate Challenge on social media to help Pain Free Patriots provide services to six veterans experiencing chronic pain.


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